Video 4 - Going to the movies

Video 4 - Going to the movies. (Also see my kitten!)

"Video 4 - Going to the movies. (Also see my kitten!)" is the 4th episode of CopperVision.


Sorry guys I've been pretty busy for the past 5 days. Did an interview for a TV Show thats on G4.. and I was doing some other things as well. Also a little bit of laziness added (not much). I am sorry though, I'm getting back on track now! I am making more videos on here so don't worry. They will still come weekly. IF NOT daily.

Thanks to everybody supporting, I appreciate it all!

Sorry if this video was boring, I had to wrap it up pretty fast so we could go see the movie. :D Anyway I'll talk to you all later, feel free to drop me an inbox sometime and I'll try to respond I've gotten alot of messages and I have to go through them all since I've been unable to for the past 5 days..


I read all comments on my videos on this channel, and I respond to most of them, (if not then some of course.) also I don't respond to negative comments, they are all so boring now to read. Meh.


SO i'll talk to you guys laterz. peace dudes


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