TESTACLES 1 201:12


"TESTACLES 1 2" is the 55th episode of CopperCab.


I was born a hit single.
I refuse to die a double.
Cause this is POP culture
It's why I STICK inside of my BUBBLE.
You cant send me to a room
If I'm in my own world
So I'm not in trouble
If this a dubstep song
I'm the wob wob wob wob WOBble.
Im the drop
I'm the immovable object that makes
an unstoppable force
Stop rollin rocks
Stop drop and roll it
This is not hip hop
This is rock n roll and
It's in my control since
Im the new Elvis
I'm the king of Rock'n'Trollin
Coppercab? No from now on you
can call me
And I'm wood right now
You should bite down
Cause I'm in a write a hit song
Kind of mood right now
Even if the iron gets cold
Later on darlin I could strike down
And make it catch fire
Cause I stay on my RUN DMC
Sucker EMCEE's call me sire


This video has received mostly favorable reactions from viewers and the YouTube community.

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