"SOME RHYTHM AND POETRY" is the 56th episode of CopperCab.


Love n hip hop
Go together like drugs in zip locks
I put my heart down on the paper
just for it to get ripped up
So take a hit and take a trip up
To my mind, from my heart are where these hits come
to find peace in a rhyme and with a pen run,
ink on a line so I can speak my mind, ease my mind on this easel kind
of like my paper, yeah it's a piece of pine
Carve a heart in that tree
and when I leak some time
from my past its harder for me
To miss what I had back then
Back when
the only pad that I had was in my hands
But it taught me
to walk on top of snow as if it was hot concrete
with no shoes
So I don't get cold feet
now a days it's like I'm wearin snow shoes
So I don't sink
and you know that I won't lose
no matter where I'm treadin
Cause Heaven or hell the walk to both is hard either way that your headin
but that's life
I live it
we all die
so I dig it
Then I plant another pine and write some more lines carve a new heart and inish it (initial it)
my pen to me is my paintbrush
my pad is like my easel
my memories is my canvas
when life's hard I grab a chisel
And I carve it
hard hearts is
nothin for me
cause I'm an artist
I make the best out of the all the bad and then i proceed to put it into my bars it's
like being lost out in a forest
and all these trees are hallow
how could these rappers be such deep thinkers when they act so fuckin shallow
I don't follow
I lead!
I don't think of it as no mans land
more like its no mans land before me
I don't take the road less traveled
I walk a path where there's no gravel
so envious emcees see me havin no hits and they want to battle
but I've been writing rap music since I was 8 years old so it ain't no hassle
and my house has so many stories that you would mistake it for a castle
or a sky scraper
I ain't jokin
I need a fire escape for
the hits I'm blowin
so much fire in this beat
keeps goin so my homes on fire from the heat
I'm stowin
my hearts on fire heart beats bestowin heart felt fire that this life keeps stokin
every thing that folded when i was reassured
it's like every single pain just added coal to a furnace
but again? That's life and I've learned that
you gonna get burned when you churn that
pain in the furnace to turn that
game that you've earned that's the deed
the aim is to learn that's the key.
When you get it you can stick it in turn it, open and see
that this home is worth it
inside yes it's perfect
rough neighborhood but its filled with hope and insurance?
Has it.... But again from the heart burn you'll be spittin acid
but that'll pay for the bills that you will be stackin
From stackin lyrics on stackin pads all the way up to the attic
comes with a job you'll be a master at that it's
from the pain in the furnace
you'll be a Lyrical blacksmith
you'll smelt bars to beats and Meld hits that'll top charts for weeks
Be earnest.... that's it.
Hip hop is my home and I'll die when I'm evicted.
My heart will stay alive in this music the life that I've given.
My spirit haunts the beats
each time that I spit it's like each line is a horcreux I'm alive I'm just hidden....
Inside the life of a sentence
when you put your heart in it under these beats
it's like I'm alive a monster under these sheets.
If home is where the heart is then hip-hop is my home.
Because I put my heart into this art in every lyric that I write in every song
and people used to blow me off
now they hit me up like im a bong
because I'm on fire when I spit and they still blowing smoke like Cheech and Chong.


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