Hollywood Hillbillies Premieres Tuesday January 21

Hollywood Hillbillies is an American reality television series, featuring Michael Copper and Delores Hughes as the stars, alongside their family, including Michael's aunt Dee Dee Peters, Michael's uncle John Cox, and Dee Dee's husband Paul Conlon. There is a supporting role by Michael's manager David Weintraub. Michael and his family temporarily move from their hometown in Georgia to Los Angeles, California and become celebrities. The series aired on January 21, 2014.[1]


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The series has received mostly unfavorable reviews and has generally been panned by critics.

People have complained about Michael seemingly becoming an actor and "tricking" everyone (including his own supporters); thus, Michael is believed to be a traitor and liar. This has caused some people to request the show be cancelled.

On IMDb, the series has a ratings of 2 out of 5 stars.


  • The reason for the series' creation was due to Michael's fame on YouTube, such as millions of views on his videos and constant hate comments.
  • Mema is often mistaken to be the star of the series. However, this isn't true as Michael is actually the star due to his fame. The reason for this is most likely due to Mema's praising from fans.
  • On September 5, 2017, at 8:17 AM, Michael stated on Twitter that he thinks it is time for Hollywood Hillbillies to return.[2][3]



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