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Gray Rincon Shaw (born July 14, 1993), also known by his former channel name BowserRocks, is a YouTube user. He is also a graduate of San Clemente High School. Shaw's other old channel was MrSuperBowser.

Shaw has a friend named Tyler, who used to come out in his old videos from Gray's Pranks; Shaw was also friends with Michael until he hacked CopperCab; eventually, Gray got punished when his videos and channels were removed (and CopperCab was returned to Michael).


Gray was the hacker that hacked CopperCab, and he was accused of having collaborated with Michael to gain more views on his channel. In a private message to coppercabhacker, Gray claimed he had received prank calls, pizzas, and taxis sent to his house and even death threats, as well as confessing to pretending to hack CopperCab. As well, Shaw claimed in a private message to TheAntiCopperCab that he ended his friendship with Michael. Despite this being said, Michael announced that he and Gray will be still making videos together.[1]

Hacking of CopperCabEdit

In "HEY GUYS!", Gray made a video using a banana to show how to apply a banana on a penis. At the time, it was unknown why a video of this nature was uploaded or who Shaw even was.

Some time later, 3 videos were uploaded, explaining that the channel was indeed hacked. In "Hacker Update 1," Gray explained that he met Michael at an Internet café in his hometown of Corvallis, Oregon. They struck up a conversation, and Michael revealed that he was planning to go to Oregon State, the same university that Shaw went to. When Copper left the café, he accidentally left his email logged on the computer that he was on. Because Shaw didn't want Michael to attend Oregon State with him, he changed the password of CopperCab (thus, hacking it) and demanded that Michael not go to Oregon State University.

In "Hacker Update 2" and "Hacker Update 3," Gray, with help from commenters on the other videos that he made, made a list of demands to Michael in exchange for the return of CopperCab. The list was:

  • Michael cannot go to any college in Oregon
  • Michael must dye his hair with a permanent black dye
  • Michael must make a dance video, shirtless and in short-shorts, and including the truffle-shuffle
  • Michael must make a rap video
  • Michael must state that he has no soul

The list was to be completed in 1 week (from the 19 to the 26 of an unknown month), or an unknown fate would befall the account. Michael completed most of these in "THIS IS FOR COPPERCAB!"; but there were some faults in completing the tasks:

  • Michael only dyed his hair with a temporary dye
  • Michael was not shirtless
  • Michael did not rap
  • Michael did not perform the truffle-shuffle
  • Michael stated that the ginger root has no soul, but he was instructed to say that he had no soul

Nevertheless, CopperCab was returned to Michael, and the two channels and all the videos that Gray uploaded were deleted forever as punishment.

Post hack videos with MichaelEdit

He personally came out in "RUNESCAPE DUELING" with Michael. Even though he was unseen, BowserRocks (his character in RuneScape named after his old channel) was seen fighting Michael's character TheCopperCab. Gray could also be heard teasing Michael over Skype. Shaw's RuneScape account contained coins ranging somewhere in the millions, as seen in his inventory. Since he always finds glitches on RuneScape, Gray goes by the name Gray the Glitcher.

In "THIS IS RUNESCAPE - INTRODUCTION AND EXPLANATION," BowserRocks comes out beside TheCopperCab. Gray can be heard talking over a mic of some sort, explaining the hacking of CopperCab. He states that Michael had went on a vacation that had no Internet access and he had trusted Gray with CopperCab to upload videos that he made. Instead, Gray took the account for himself and uploaded "HEY GUYS!", which was "the banana and the condom video" he referenced. This story actually contradicted the story that Gray gave in "Hacker Update 1."

It was also mentioned that Gray would be alongside Michael in videos uploaded on CopperCabRS.[2]


He currently streams RuneScape on and is roommates with popular streamer Ice Poseidon.

Early lifeEdit

Shaw was born Gray Rincon Shaw in Corvallis, Oregon on July 14, 1993. He graduated from San Clemente High School. He is either attending (or has attended) Oregon State University, and majored in mathematics.

Shaw is from different places like Ireland, Oregon, and London, but he grew up in Rancho Santa Margarita in Southern California. He currently resides in San Clemente, California.



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Gray's PranksEdit

On Gray's Pranks, Shaw made prank calls to unsuspecting victims (except for his last video) with his friend Tyler present. There were 3 videos on the channel, all of which have been deleted, but they've been re-uploaded.

  • In "Channel Introduction and Mushi-Mushi Prank Call," Gray phoned a woman in Japan to see how long he could stay on the phone with her using only the words "Hi," "Mushi-mushi," and repeating what the woman said to him. He made it to 94 seconds.
  • In "Korean Pizza Prank Call," Gray phoned a pizza shop in South Korea and he tried to make an order to "1342 Ching Chong Way".
  • In "Runescape Customer Support Voicemails Prank," Gray made his phone's voice mail make him appear to be a RuneScape help line, and he uploaded clips of other people making prank calls or complaints to his voice mail under the false impression that he was a customer support line. This was his last video.


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  2. In "THIS IS RUNESCAPE - INTRODUCTION AND EXPLANATION," at around 3:36, Michael says, "I love RuneScape. It's the best game ever and we're going to be doing videos about it...

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