Day 1 - Welcome to CopperVision

Day 1 - Welcome to CopperVision

"Day 1 - Welcome to CopperVision" is the 1st episode of CopperVision.


An explanation of what this channel is, and why I've made it. On this channel I am going to try to upload videos almost everyday.
For a more in depth explanation as to WHY I'm doing this, I suggest you watch the ENTIRE video. Thanks..

Lots of love to everyone,


If you didn't catch what I said in the video, again..
I am NOT going to quit making videos on CopperCab, I will still be uploading
videos to CopperCab every week or so.. As I always have. NOTHING will change. I am actually INCREASING the amount of videos I'm making,
not stopping.


This video has received mostly favorable reactions from viewers and the YouTube community.

People have said that Michael is really a nice person when he doesn't yell and only speaks calmly. However, a lot of people still criticize Michael.