Cry Wolf ( Andy Kaufman )04:02

Cry Wolf ( Andy Kaufman )

"Cry Wolf (Andy Kaufman) feat. Kaelon Drae, & Sako" (formerly "Cry Wolf (Dear Andy)'" and "Cry Wolf ( Andy Kaufman )") is the 99th episode of CopperCab.


Please read before commenting. This is an old song that I wrote during my 5 - 6 month hiatus from YouTube. I was feeling stressed out about people calling me a troll, and thinking I'm some sort of troll god or king of trolling, when I'm actually none of those things. I knew that if I came back and posted my coming out video, people would just think I was joking around about being transgender, and that really gets to me. It's like the boy who cried wolf. Andy Kaufman died and to this day people still think he faked his death. What happens when I die? Will you all think that I faked it? Not everything I do and say is meant to make you laugh. I wish I could be taken seriously. I'm not laughing.

But, I know it's my fault.
I know I cried wolf.

I will be deleting this video later today, so if you want to keep this song I suggest saving it.


This video has received favorable reactions from viewers and the YouTube community.

Afterwards, it was privated and removed by Michael for an unknown reason.

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