"CONTEST VIDEO!!" is the 20th episode of CopperVision.



(you have to sign up to see the official topic at the top outlining the rules and all of the creative jazz!.. it looks pretty neat It took me a while to make :p lol)

Also if you want to just go straight to the website and ignore the competition.. here ya go!

Looking forward to seeing you all there! So many nice people!


I've gotten so many messages from people this past week all saying nothing but nice things like how they've already made so many friends.. and everybody is just really cool with one another.. It's actually turning out to be a very nice tight knit community!

Also the game we are developing from scratch (It's a browser based mmorpg) is really starting to come together!

the first 1,000 - 2,000 members should be able to play the game before anyone else.. help out with testing it for bugs and what not in case we've missed some!

Will be sure to keep everyone updated and also

CopperVision video will be me talking about some recent things that have happened between my father, and I... Kind of the first time I've ever mentioned him.. Coppercab video well you guys will have to wait and see.. I've got alot to say..

Again.. I'm glad to be back! :) Missed you guys.. ESPECIALLY ALL OF YOU HERE ON COPPERVISION my real pals seriously can't wait to see where CiXUL goes! be sure to share it with your friends if you like the site.. and maybe donate in the future because it's all coming out of my pocket i mean the game everything so it's not exactly cheap.. ugh lol but that's completely up to all of you guys out there.. ANY help would be nice.

Just come on over and chill! Be sure to message me also when you join cixul!!!!!!!!


This video has received mostly unfavorable reactions from viewers and the YouTube community.

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