Bearing (& GANG) VS CopperCab21:52

Bearing (& GANG) VS CopperCab

"Bearing (& GANG) VS CopperCab" is the 119th episode of CopperCab.


Click the link to watch the original stream on Bearing's channel.

Link to Cameron (My Editor)'s channel

Thanks to all of the awesome artists who have drawn me over the years. Without them, videos like this wouldn't be possible.
Check out the artists that I used here.

Intro Song:
►Music link -
►Track Name - She's Out of Fantasy
►Artist Name -Dexfa ft. Akila

Outro Song:
►Music link -
►Track Name - ohyeah
►Artist Name -thunder6

Links to notable channels mentioned, or featured.



Atheism Is Unstoppable

Chris Dangerfield

Laci Green


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This video has received unfavorable reactions from viewers and the YouTube community.

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